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Supporting Parents


One of the most meaningful sources of support is another parent or family member who has experienced living with a disability.  Sometimes simple advice or direction, mixed with experience, makes a world of difference.  Parents have no magic answers, but they are willing listeners.  They can share with you the pleasures and challenges of parenting a child with a disability or special health care need.

No matter the disability

or health concern, Parent

to Parent of Georgia can

help by connecting
you with other parents

with similar experiences,

related to:


    • star4bulletYour child's disability or diagnosis
      star4bulletHealth care issue or concern
    • star4bulletEducational issue or concern
      star4bulletOther factors, based on your needs

How do I get a match with a Supporting Parent?

Simply call 1-800-229-2038 to get started!  Don't hesitate....another parent is waiting to talk to you.


How do I volunteer to become a supporting parent for Parent to Parent of Georgia?

Becoming a volunteer supporting parent can be a very rewarding experience.  Simply call 1-800-229-2038 to speak with a coordinator about volunteering.

Please note this service is for parents who live in Georgia.

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