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Archived Webinars


star4bullet Managing Stress for Families with Children with Special Needs

(originally offered 12/01/2009 and 4/01/2010)

Get some great tips for handling the extra stress that can come with having a child with special needs.


star4bullet Accessing Services for Young Children with Special Needs

(originally offered 12/08/2009)

Learn about eligibility and services provided by Babies Can't Wait, Early Head Start and Head Start programs, Georgia Pre-School Special Education and Children's Medical Services in Georgia.


star4bullet Food for Thought: Improving Function through Dietary Intervention - Part 1

(originally offered 01/07/2010, 02/25/2010 and 3/11/10)

The first in a series, this presentation focuses on dietary modifications, supplements, and changing a child's diet to improve function.


star4bullet Food for Thought: Improving Function through Dietary Intervention - Part 2

(originally offered 4/22/10)

The second in a series, this presentation focuses on practical applications of nutritional interventions. Get advice on how to read labels in the grocery store, where to buy quality supplements, and how to get your family and school on board.


star4bullet Food for Thought: Improving Function through Dietary Intervention - Part 3

(originally offered 5/13/10)

The third in the series, the presentation discusses Candida yeast overgrowth and toxicity, defines and explores food allergies, sensitivities, and intolerances and offers advice on how to get the body into balance through diet changes and targeted supplementation.

star4bullet Financial Planning for Your Child with Special Needs - Creating a Planning Blueprint

(originally offered 01/12/2010)

This session offers information about special needs trusts, guardianships, wills, trustees, and maintaining government benefits for your child with special needs.

star4bullet Tips for Speaking to Policymakers

(originally offered 05/19/2010)

Pat Nobbie of the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities gives information and tips on preparing and giving effective public testimony to policymakers in this easy-to-view 15 minute webinar.


star4bullet Changing the Rules...

(originally offered 02/01/2010 and 02/03/2010)

This webinar focuses on proposed changes in some of Georgia's Special Education rules. Information is provided about why changes are proposed, where to review the proposed changes, and how to make public comment to the State Board of Education.


star4bullet Deeming Waiver Basics

(originally offered 04/28/2010)

This webinar gives basic information about the Katie Beckett Deeming Waiver in Georgia. Parents of children with disabilities and special healthcare needs will learn what the waiver is, who should apply, and what services are available to children who qualify.


star4bullet A Guide to the Deeming Waiver Application Process

(originally offered 05/05/2010)

This webinar will assist parents with the application process for the Katie Beckett Deeming Waiver. The presentation includes information on the forms and records that must be provided and helpful tips on filling them out.


star4bullet The FBA/BIP Process: Teamwork for Student Success

(originally offered 05/20/2010)

Learn how Functional Behavioral Assessments and Behavior Intervention Plans can help your child be successful in their school. Learn how a parent can request one, what the major components are and how to know if it's working. Presenters: Michael Blake and Ginny O'Connell of the Georgia Department of Education.


star4bullet Guardianship and Estate Planning for the Beneficiary with Disabilities

(originally offered 09/30/2010)

This webinar features Atlanta attorney, David Pollan of The Pollan Law Firm. Mr. Pollan speaks about the legal responsibilities of guardainship and estate planning and the different options available to insure that an individual's future needs are met.


star4bullet Sensory Processing Disorders

(originally offered 10/13/2010)

In this webinar, Tara Mulvaney, Occupational Therapist from Interactiv Children's Therapy Services discusses how the brain processes information from the environment and what happens when there are dysfunctions in this processing. Learn how sensory processing disorder can affect a child's behavior and ability to learn.


star4bullet Health Care Reform and the Effects on Children with Special Healthcare Needs (Part 1)
(originally offered 10/19/2010)

This webinar provides a brief overview for parents, families, and professionals on the Health Care Reform Act passed on March 23, 2010.


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